Pay-per-click is the online advertising that is vital to Search Engine Marketing (SEM).It drives traffic (viewers) to your website. The ads are created using your keywords and you only have to pay for the click when someone clicks on the ad. It’s called PPC or pay-per-click.

Anyone, and that means large or small companies need a PPC strategy. Since it’s not an easy area to learn, an SEM expert creates and monitors the ad campaign. They keep it optimized and provide reports and analysis that are easy to understand. You can learn a lot about your website viewers through the reports.

SEO Architectsprovide the following benefits:

  • We’ll establish a baseline or what we call a PPC benchmark. These are a series of baselines or benchmarks to compare future objectives. Your personal account manager will step you through the process and reports.
  • You’ll have a custom account that SEO Architects will use to examine all parts of your PPC campaign. These include account structure, campaign settings, targeted ad groups, keyword selection, ad copy, and landing pages. We track everything through your Google AdWords account and through your Google Analytics account. You’ll know who is visiting, what keywords they use, and how they are getting to your site.
  • We’ll expand to other platforms to constantly improve your ad campaign. We use the Bid Price and Quality Score, significant Cost per Click (CPC) to save you a ton of money on your PPC campaign. We also use GoogleDisplay Network, Remarketing SEM strategies and mobile ads so your readers can view your website on any device they have. The advertising networks we use include Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google, plus many more.
  • PPC campaign optimizationis where we constantly monitor and improve each ad campaign. We don’t just set and forget! You’ll save money as we optimize each campaign and monitor for CTRs, Conversion Rates, Average Position, Impression Share, Cost per Click, Cost per Acquisition, PPC call tracking, and perform A/B Ad Testing to test ad copy to improve conversion rates.
  • You’ll understand each monthly report we deliver, which will include the review of key metrics and performance, a look at the current testing and how we plan to update the testing.  We’ll also provide revisions and recommendations for all the PPC strategy we plan on using.

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