Many people really don’t have the time to write the content that is necessary for a website. It’s a bet you don’t have time to write content and ebooks, or a report that you can give away to those who sign up for your email list. That all boils down to the need of a ghost writer.

Ghost Writers are those who write for others and never expect their names to be included in the bylines.  We have ghost writers who have many years writing for others and enjoy it. Plus, they don’t want the fame and fortune of a writer, only the fortune. You can take all the fame.

Whatever type of content you need from blog posts to ebooks, to reports 20 pages in length (more or less), that’s what you’ll receive when you use one of our ghost writers. And that includes saying you wrote everything.

The content becomes 100% yours! We never hold the copyright, nor will we use the content with any other of our customers.  It belongs to you and you can do what you want with it, even if it makes you thousands of dollars, you still hold all the cards, or words.

However, we will keep the content in our database in case you crash your system and need to recover the articles, ebooks, or reports. We are educating ourselves on infographics and animated infographics. We won’t be ready to serve them up until the end of March or early April.  Check back then and will have a whole new series of content for you.

Although, our ghost writers are very good, sometimes your idea of a subject may not be the same as ours. If that’s the case, we’ll rewrite is until you are satisfied with the results.

Click here to order a ghost writer for all the content on your website or blog.

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