Kate Wolfe, PM, CSSMBB

It is through continuous self-improvement that I am able to bring increased value to our world and heightened assistance to those in need.” – Kate Wolfe,CEO

KRATOS  is Kate’s baby, and she’s not afraid to say it. Sick of seeing how clients were treated in her corporate life, Kate decided to take her background in project management and advertising, and start a web development company that cares. About delivering on time. About getting it right. About making the customer happy.

Her favourite parts of the job are hearing the excitement in clients’ voices when they see their website or logo for the first time, and making sure her team is always happy and working well together. Speaking of the team, Kate would be lost without them…

John | SEO Expert

If we ever want to give a website a boost up Google’s rankings (which we do, quite a lot – funny that) John’s who we turn to. When asked, he told us his favourite part of his job is “everything.” We don’t know if he’s trying to keep us sweet or if he really does love conducting keyword research and analysing hoozits and whatnots – but either way, he ranks well with us.

June | Project Manager

June organizes things, assigns tasks, and generally makes sure stuff gets done – on time and on target. He knows his stuff when it comes to responsive web design too, so nothing below par slips past him. Hunt him down on his days off, and you’ll find him exploring the outdoors, enjoying some quiet time and taking photos.

Arbie | Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Animator

We thought about calling Arbie our ‘artist in residence,’ but then we couldn’t decide if that did him justice or not. Basically, anything visually creative and lovely – Arbie’s on it. He can even do 3D! And if you want it animating, would you believe he can do that too? We have our suspicions he sometimes sends his identical twin brother in to cover for him, but his work is always top notch so, you know… he probably doesn’t.

Raff | Web and Graphic Designer

Raff’s our go-to ‘make this look pretty, please’ guy. Hopped up on coffee, Red Bull, or something else caffeinated, he blazes through our clients’ design needs like nobody’s business – and he does a good job! On the weekends, you’ll find Raff shredding with his bike on the mountains. Yeah, we’re not sure what that means either, but it sounds fun! All we know is if it rains on Sunday, Raff won’t be happy.

Darnley | Branding and Web Designer

Darnley’s the guy who will create the mockups for your website’s design, and whistle while he does so. He’s a quiet soul who enjoys reading and drawing in his spare time, but set him a task – the more creative the better – and he’ll get right down to business.

Sara | Content Writer, Graphic Artist, and SEO Guru

Sara is living the life of a writer as the ultimate goal while obsessed with results and helping businesses grow. A quiet little mouse who hangs about around the computer wearing her fingers to the bones writing content for website. Never happier when she can put creativity to a design and watch it come to fruition. The world is small, but the ideas grow big.

Sara is always on the looking out for the best in search engine marketing while taking every website to the top of the result pages. Sara likes nothing better than to see one of her ideas take root and fly to the top of the SERPs.

Arjey | Graphic Designer, Logo & Marketing Material Designer

Arjey is a shy, retiring guy who has a love of graphic design. His passion and pride stands in artwork, which he is very good at doing. He spends most of his time on a computer working wonders in graphic designs, logos, banners, posters, flyers, and brochures. He can design an ebook cover with the best of them. When he’s not designing things on the computer, you can usually find him on a basketball court shooting hoops. Fun loving and a great friend, Arjey is one of the best in graphic design for KRATOS.

Cassandra | Social Media Expert

Unlike some who think a Social Media Manager is a fluttery person with big, blue hair and strappy shoes, our Cassandra has a unique view on the bottom line. Cassandra always says, “I spent ten years in banking and I understand the bottom line. Your goal is to be successful, not social. Social Media is just a path to that goal.”

She also has vast experience in Internet advertising. It’s a refreshing approach not many Social Media experts apply to this job. She has a unique, business-based view of Internet advertising in general and Social Media Management in particular.

Cassandra builds social media campaigns by building engagement, increasing brand penetration through leveraged distribution and ultimately increasing sales and conversion. Reputation management is paramount within the Social Media sphere and trustworthiness is the key to engaging others in the social sphere.

When she is not working, Cassandra’s interests include wildlife conservation, walking on the beach and writing formal haiku (Japanese poetry).